From My Desk: 3 Ways Video Can Help You Engage Your Audience

We’re excited to share our first video in our new From My Desk series. From My Desk brings you online marketing tips direct from the desks of The Audience Connection consultants and our international digital arts marketing colleagues in short form video you can consume in minutes. Bret’s working with us on our Optimise video series, so we grabbed this opportunity to tap into his vast knowledge about video and have him share some of it with you. In this short video Bret Primack from Arcadian Arts shares three key insights about engaging audiences with video, drawn from his extensive experience working with musicians in digital marketing and performance. The advent of smartphones has fuelled a global video movement – people are now able to create and watch video everywhere. Bret shares how this phenomenon has created a huge opportunity for engaging more effectively with arts audiences and explains that:

  1. You can shoot professional quality video cost effectively
  2. Video is the catalyst for creating a unique bond with your audience
  3. Video is the most shared content in social media

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