Introducing: Bret Primack, Arcadian Arts

More than 10 years ago Vicki Allpress Hill worked with Bret Primack in the brave new world of streaming music and online marketing in London and New York. Now, a decade later, she’s chased him down in Tucson, Arizona to invite him work with The Audience Connection team to deliver our Optimise online marketing video series.

Bret has shared some of his own insights in this month’s From My Desk video and was our Technical Producer for our first In Conversation panel discussion. We thought you’d like to know more about Bret’s incredible background and colourful career – we’re loving working with someone so knowledgeable and passionate about music and digital technology.

Bret Primack – Arcadian Arts
…a Samurai’s Spirit with a bold and courageous heart, the signposts of his fearless life.

Bret hosts YouTube’s premiere Jazz channel Jazz Video Guy. Now, with over fourteen hundred posted videos with thirty million views.

bret-cameraBret Primack worked in documentaries and industrials before a near three decade career as a respected music journalist. He has written hundreds of articles and interviews that have been published globally by JazzTimes, DownBeat, The New York Times, People and Swing Journal.

An Internet pioneer, Bret was producing video podcasts live from clubs and music festivals in the late 90s. In 1997, he became the first Jazz blogger with Bird Lives, where, as the Pariah, his heartfelt diatribes struck a responsive, albeit controversial chord in the music industry. In the new millennium, Bret settled in Tucson.

Co-founder of the Axial Theatre and Jazz Theatre Workshop, Bret has written seven plays that have been produced in the New York area. The research for his play “The Pariah,” about famed Hollywood screenwriter Ben Hecht’s attempt to save the Jews, was published as a book in 1994, “The Ben Hecht Show.” In 2004, he published his second book, “How To Make it Big in the New Music Biz.”

In the past ten years, Bret has transferred his storytelling mastery to web and he has produced hundreds of videos that focus on a variety of topics, including Jazz musicians and music industry related businesses, restaurants, educational programs, health care companies and technology specialists.

In November, 2013, Bret began hosting his own YouTube talk show, The Hang, a group discussion that utilizes Google Hangout technology to present Master Classes, one-on-one interviews, and group discussions.

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