In Practice: Making Digital a Priority – Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

We’re excited to share the first video in our new In Practice series. In Practice brings you case study interviews with New Zealand arts managers who are excelling in areas of online marketing related to the areas of mobile, social and video. Michelle Walsh, Marketing Manager at Christchurch Symphony Orchestra presents the first In Practice video, Making Digital a Priority.

In late 2013, Christchurch Symphony Orchestra were looking at new ways to engage with audiences digitally, when the opportunity arose to take part in Creative New Zealand’s Developing a Digital Strategy programme. In her case study Michelle talks us through the work they have been doing since documenting their strategy.

“We knew that we had a number of online platforms in place, such as our website, blog, Customer Relationship Management system and email marketing system – as well as our social media – but they didn’t all connect or talk to each other, and we felt like we probably weren’t maximising our opportunities to engage with audiences digitally,” explains Michelle.

Hear how Christchurch Symphony Orchestra have begun to maximise the opportunities that digital bring them, and the positive outcomes this has generated, in this In Practice case study.

Thanks to Michelle Walsh, her colleague Francesca Lee (who filmed the interview) and Christchurch Symphony Orchestra for their generosity in voluntarily sharing this content with us all.

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