From My Desk: 3 Audience Insights from Google Analytics

How can you use the standard reporting in Google Analytics to better understand your online arts audience? In this short video recorded at her desk, Creative New Zealand Optimise video series curator Vicki Allpress Hill shares three key insights accessible to you via Google Analytics reports if you have this freely available tool integrated with your website/s.

In this second video in the ‘From My Desk’ series you’ll learn how Google Analytics can tell you:

  1. Where your audience is coming from
  2. How engaged your website visitors are
  3. How your audience is using mobile

Director of Auckland-based online marketing consultancy The Audience Connection, Vicki is passionate about Google Analytics as an audience insights tool. She leads a series of Google Analytics workshops as part of her work for Creative New Zealand’s Analytics & Audiences programme.

Her recently published Google Analytics tip sheet can support you in understanding some of the basic reporting and functionality if you are new to this tool.

Watch the video now:

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