Festival launch gets attention on Twitter

In How to Get Your Hashtag Trending on Forbes.com,  Entrepreneur John Rampton writes: “Getting a hashtag to trend can be difficult to do. Most attempts to get a hashtag trending fail miserably”.

Blog-AWRF-230316-2So for Auckland Writers Festival’s hashtag #awf16 to leap to the number one spot on the New Zealand trending topics list during the launch of their 2016 Festival Programme to invited guests last week was no small achievement.

Auckland Writers Festival focused on building a sense of anticipation for the event on social media, and aimed to create a window to the live event unfolding. Event and writer ‘reveals’ were live-tweeted as they rolled out during the speeches. This activity created momentum – further fed by the Festival team’s consistent use of the hashtag and fast responses to others’ tweets.


“What’s most exciting is that a New Zealand arts festival can get such traction,” says Auckland Writers Festival Marketing & Development Manager, Tessa Yeoman.

Hear more from Tessa about Auckland Writers Festival’s use of Twitter in next week’s Conversation Starter, Maximising Twittera live discussion on Google hangout with two New Zealand arts managers – Cathy Aronsen, Editor of New Zealand online hub for creatives The Big Idea will also be sharing her experiences with the platform.

Visit Creative New Zealand’s YouTube channel on Tuesday 29 March, 2016 from 10.30 to 10.50 a.m. NZDT to view this 20-minute discussion live.

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