Re-thinking email in a mobile environment

Did you know… that more email is now opened on mobile devices than on desktop computers?

Email marketing design.

And according to email marketing solution provider Campaign Monitor, you are six times more likely to get click-through to your website from email than from social media.*

Email is a great conversion tool, and with the huge growth in mobile use, it’s really important to consider how your emails appear on all those smartphone screens.

The major players such as MailChimp and Gmail are adapting. As clickthrough rates can be up to 23% higher on mobile responsive email templates, it’s definitely worth taking these design points into consideration:

  • Use a single column design for easy scrolling
  • Use a reasonable font size – at least 10pt, or  13 – 14 pixels
  • Avoid navigation bars
  • Stick to one Call to Action
  • Use images sparingly
  • Keep content short and sweet

These tips are included in the Optimise webinar: ‘Going mobile; what does that really mean?’ , broadcast online in February 2016 as part of the Creative New Zealand Optimise online marketing video series curated by The Audience Connection. Through the webinar you can find out more about:

  • impending trends in mobile that we need to understand
  • Multi-channel mobile journeys – thinking beyond our websites
  • Case Study: “The Continuing Mobile Journey” with Lauren Whitney, Associate Director of New Zealand International Comedy Festival
  • Understanding the “why”, not just the “what”, of your mobile analytics

Download the complete slide deck here.

*Data from Why email marketing? resource published by Campaign Monitor.



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