We need to talk about mobile

In his book The Third Screen: Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile, digital interactive marketplace pioneer Chuck Martin nailed in one sentence what it is about mobile that has made such a difference to us as marketers and arts organisations.

“Your customers are free from the confines of their homes, offices, and traditional media and retail environments.”

Chuck published these words almost five years ago back in 2011. We knew about mobile then, but now this new reality is really hitting home.

Our Optimiser Online Marketing Benchmarking study 2013-2015 has unearthed that 33% of visits to the 38 arts organisation participants’ websites are now made on mobile or tablet.

Optimiser Online Marketing Benchmarking Study – Creative New Zealand and The Audience Connection – 2013-2015

This compares with 15% two years ago.

These statistics mirror the continually increasing smartphone and iPad/tablet penetration in New Zealand – now 70% and 58% respectively according to the Research New Zealand’s Report on a Survey of New Zealanders’ Use of Smartphones and other Mobile Communication Devices 2015.

These numbers were 48% and 29% respectively two years ago.

In April 2015 Google responded to the global shift to mobile by publicly announcing they would prioritise mobile friendly sites in mobile search results and push others further down the list. Their new Mobile Friendly Test tool enables site owners to view Google’s assessment of their site for mobile friendliness.

We are now in a situation where becoming responsive is no longer an option if we want to remain connected to our audiences and have any sort of competitive advantage.

Learn how you can adapt to mobile in this recording of our February Optimiser webinar, featuring a case study from the NZ International Comedy Festival presented by Associate Director Lauren Whitney.