Are you proud of your audience engagement work?

Do you have a project, piece of research or case study on audience or community engagement that you are eager to share?

TBI-EOI-220216The Audience Connection is proud to be a co-curator of The Big Conversation to be held on Thursday, 16 June 2016, Hagley Oval, Christchurch.

Creative New Zealand is currently calling for Expressions of Interest (EOI)  from New Zealand practitioners, arts organisations and agencies, including arts managers, directors, producers, curators, to present or contribute to a Breakout Session as part of The Big Conversation Nui te Kōrero event in Christchurch on Thursday 16 June 2016.

Expressions of Interest must be received by 5pm on Friday, 26 February 2016. Download the EOI form for further details and how to apply.

What are the next steps if you’re a mobile-focused arts organisation?

Are you still grappling with how to be mobile-focused? Or are you now mobile-responsive and wondering what’s next?

Join us on Tuesday, 16 February 2016 from 10.30am to 11.30am for our first Optimise webinar in 2016. To register please email Grace Sinclair and we will send you a link to join the webinar.

0b911441-18bb-4155-b025-97019e796d8cEngaging effectively with our audiences on mobile remains one of the greatest challenges – and opportunities – facing New Zealand arts organisations in 2016.

In this webinar, Director of The Audience Connection, Vicki Allpress Hill, will take you through latest trends and best practice in mobile, challenging you to think beyond your website and across multiple digital channels. She’ll suggest practical steps you can take and how to gain meaningful insights about your audience’s behaviour on mobile from freely available analytics tools.

Joining the webinar will be Lauren Whitney, Associate Director of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, who will share discoveries and ongoing approaches to engaging with audiences on mobile, building on her popular case study at last year’s The Big Conversation.
Join us to discover:

  • Impending trends in mobile that we need to understand
  • Multi-channel mobile journeys – thinking beyond our websites
  • Case Study: “The Continuing Mobile Journey” with Lauren Whitney, Associate Director of New Zealand International Comedy Festival
  • Understanding the “why”, not just the “what”, of your mobile analytics

Don’t miss this opportunity to start 2016 with a fresh and more informed approach to engaging with your audiences on mobile. Creative New Zealand’s Optimise online marketing series is free of charge and provides rich content in practically focussed sessions. If you have specific questions related to this topic that you’d like us to address in the webinar, please email them in advance to Grace Sinclair.

Optimise Webinar 1 – Managing Social Media in a Busy Arts Organisation

The first of our 2015 Creative New Zealand Optimise Webinars is now available to watch on Youtube. Social media is showing no signs of slowing down, with enticing new platforms regularly coming on stream. In this highly practical webinar, Vicki Allpress-Hill shares 20 tips and tricks to help prioritise, coordinate and streamline your social media activity. You’ll find tools and templates to help plan, create, publish and review your activity, and avoid ‘social media fatigue’.

This was the first of our Optimise Webinars for 2015. Be sure to sign up for the next sessions in the series in March and May 2016:

  • Going mobile: what does that really mean? – Wednesday 30 March, 2016, 10am-11am
  • Creating and curating digital content to engage audiences – Wednesday 25 May 2016, 10am-11am

Click here for more information.
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Optimise Conversation Starter 3 – Talking Video Content

Video has changed our world and become one of the most important forms of digital content. In our third Creative New Zealand Optimise “Conversation Starter”, held live on Google Hangouts yesterday, we discussed ways of using video effectively as an audience engagement tool.

Vicki Allpress Hill was joined by guest panellists Josh Foley, Marketing and Administrative Assistant, The New Zealand Dance Company and Bret Primack, film maker and founder of leading YouTube channel Jazz Video Guy.

From My Desk: 3 Audience Insights from Google Analytics

How can you use the standard reporting in Google Analytics to better understand your online arts audience? In this short video recorded at her desk, Creative New Zealand Optimise video series curator Vicki Allpress Hill shares three key insights accessible to you via Google Analytics reports if you have this freely available tool integrated with your website/s.

In this second video in the ‘From My Desk’ series you’ll learn how Google Analytics can tell you:

  1. Where your audience is coming from
  2. How engaged your website visitors are
  3. How your audience is using mobile

Director of Auckland-based online marketing consultancy The Audience Connection, Vicki is passionate about Google Analytics as an audience insights tool. She leads a series of Google Analytics workshops as part of her work for Creative New Zealand’s Analytics & Audiences programme.

Her recently published Google Analytics tip sheet can support you in understanding some of the basic reporting and functionality if you are new to this tool.

Watch the video now:

Free Google Analytics tip sheet for New Zealand arts organisations

Are you an arts organisation grappling with Google Analytics and how to use it? You’re not alone. To help you, Creative New Zealand with The Audience Connection have produced a ‘getting started’ one-pager entitled Audience Insights from Google Analytics that summarises some of thGoogle Analytics tip sheet imagee key functionality and most important standard reports. This ‘tip sheet’ aims to get you kick-started if you’re new to Google Analytics.

The free Google Analytics tool can offer you important insights into audience behaviour on your website/s and other online properties – where your visitors come from, how they engage with your online content and which pathways they take to buying tickets, consuming your art, or attending your venue.

Download Audience Insights from Google Analytics tip sheet – PDF (1.6MB)

In Practice: Making Digital a Priority – Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

We’re excited to share the first video in our new In Practice series. In Practice brings you case study interviews with New Zealand arts managers who are excelling in areas of online marketing related to the areas of mobile, social and video. Michelle Walsh, Marketing Manager at Christchurch Symphony Orchestra presents the first In Practice video, Making Digital a Priority.

In late 2013, Christchurch Symphony Orchestra were looking at new ways to engage with audiences digitally, when the opportunity arose to take part in Creative New Zealand’s Developing a Digital Strategy programme. In her case study Michelle talks us through the work they have been doing since documenting their strategy.

“We knew that we had a number of online platforms in place, such as our website, blog, Customer Relationship Management system and email marketing system – as well as our social media – but they didn’t all connect or talk to each other, and we felt like we probably weren’t maximising our opportunities to engage with audiences digitally,” explains Michelle.

Hear how Christchurch Symphony Orchestra have begun to maximise the opportunities that digital bring them, and the positive outcomes this has generated, in this In Practice case study.

Thanks to Michelle Walsh, her colleague Francesca Lee (who filmed the interview) and Christchurch Symphony Orchestra for their generosity in voluntarily sharing this content with us all.

Introducing: Bret Primack, Arcadian Arts

More than 10 years ago Vicki Allpress Hill worked with Bret Primack in the brave new world of streaming music and online marketing in London and New York. Now, a decade later, she’s chased him down in Tucson, Arizona to invite him work with The Audience Connection team to deliver our Optimise online marketing video series.

Bret has shared some of his own insights in this month’s From My Desk video and was our Technical Producer for our first In Conversation panel discussion. We thought you’d like to know more about Bret’s incredible background and colourful career – we’re loving working with someone so knowledgeable and passionate about music and digital technology.

Bret Primack – Arcadian Arts
…a Samurai’s Spirit with a bold and courageous heart, the signposts of his fearless life.

Bret hosts YouTube’s premiere Jazz channel Jazz Video Guy. Now, with over fourteen hundred posted videos with thirty million views.

bret-cameraBret Primack worked in documentaries and industrials before a near three decade career as a respected music journalist. He has written hundreds of articles and interviews that have been published globally by JazzTimes, DownBeat, The New York Times, People and Swing Journal.

An Internet pioneer, Bret was producing video podcasts live from clubs and music festivals in the late 90s. In 1997, he became the first Jazz blogger with Bird Lives, where, as the Pariah, his heartfelt diatribes struck a responsive, albeit controversial chord in the music industry. In the new millennium, Bret settled in Tucson.

Co-founder of the Axial Theatre and Jazz Theatre Workshop, Bret has written seven plays that have been produced in the New York area. The research for his play “The Pariah,” about famed Hollywood screenwriter Ben Hecht’s attempt to save the Jews, was published as a book in 1994, “The Ben Hecht Show.” In 2004, he published his second book, “How To Make it Big in the New Music Biz.”

In the past ten years, Bret has transferred his storytelling mastery to web and he has produced hundreds of videos that focus on a variety of topics, including Jazz musicians and music industry related businesses, restaurants, educational programs, health care companies and technology specialists.

In November, 2013, Bret began hosting his own YouTube talk show, The Hang, a group discussion that utilizes Google Hangout technology to present Master Classes, one-on-one interviews, and group discussions.

Links to Bret Primack’s work
Bret’s TED talk, “Are We Brainwashed By Imagery”
Building An Identity in the Music Business
Swing Makes You Happy Trailer
How Artists Can Survive in the Era of Free Content
Sonny Rollins Meets Miles Davis
The Best Live Jazz Recording?
Sonny Rollins Meets Miles Davis
Blue Note’s Magnificent Seven
Taking Charge – The Pauly Cohen Story
Sonny Rollins Meets Ornette Coleman

From My Desk: 3 Ways Video Can Help You Engage Your Audience

We’re excited to share our first video in our new From My Desk series. From My Desk brings you online marketing tips direct from the desks of The Audience Connection consultants and our international digital arts marketing colleagues in short form video you can consume in minutes. Bret’s working with us on our Optimise video series, so we grabbed this opportunity to tap into his vast knowledge about video and have him share some of it with you. In this short video Bret Primack from Arcadian Arts shares three key insights about engaging audiences with video, drawn from his extensive experience working with musicians in digital marketing and performance. The advent of smartphones has fuelled a global video movement – people are now able to create and watch video everywhere. Bret shares how this phenomenon has created a huge opportunity for engaging more effectively with arts audiences and explains that:

  1. You can shoot professional quality video cost effectively
  2. Video is the catalyst for creating a unique bond with your audience
  3. Video is the most shared content in social media

Optimise Conversation Starter 1: Talking mobile – view now on demand

Last month we launched our new Creative New Zealand Optimise video programme with our first Conversation Starter delivered via Google Hangouts on Air. In this 20-minute on-demand video, hear direct from three New Zealand arts marketers about what they have observed about their arts audiences on mobile over the last year and the learnings as they have gone through the journey of becoming mobile responsive. The panel interview is led by Vicki Allpress Hill of The Audience Connection with Helen Bartle from Creative New Zealand. Our panellists for this session were:

View now on demand